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The purchase of a ticket and a control bracelet is a voluntary agreement with these rules of visiting the international festival “FourE”.


These rules apply to all those present on the territory of the Festival during the period of its holding. The territory of the Festival “FourE” is a specially enclosed space where the show program and all the announced events and trainings pass.

The behavior of those present at the Festival is regulated by the current legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan and these Rules.

All living in the territory of the festival are personally responsible for their lives and health, as well as for the life and health of their children and pets.

For the period of the Festival it is forbidden:

Violate the rules of fire safety, use pyrotechnics.

Climb to the fences, parapets, lighting devices, trees, load-bearing structures, damage equipment and elements of the design of buildings, other equipment and green spaces.

Intervene in the operation of any equipment, equipment, stage structures and personnel on the territory of the Festival.

Go to the territory, closed to visitors (office space, interior rooms scenes, etc.).

Swim and take sun baths without bathing suits. (Except for special places for Banya.)

Drive in cars to the territory of the Festival. Cars should be parked on the roadside in the parking area.

To conduct any propaganda and propaganda activities in favor of political parties and religious confessions; Also it is impossible to deliberately expose signs or other symbols aimed at inciting racial, social, national and religious discord.

To carry out trade, put inscriptions and post ads, posters and other information content products without the written permission of the Organizing Committee of the Festival.

Spread alcohol, narcotic drugs and tobacco products

Carry out private photo and video shooting without coordination with the organizers in those moments of the Festival, where it interferes with other participants. For example: shooting master classes, trainings, etc. only with the permission of the leading.

To bring to the Festival territory weapons, piercing-cutting and other dangerous to life and health surrounding objects.

To violate the sanitary and hygienic norms and rules, to damage the environment, to carry out unauthorized cutting of plantations, to spread garbage and household waste.

Raise bonfires outside specially designated places. Only public bonfires (for several tents) are allowed with the use of already existing campfires. It is unacceptable to create new fireplaces. (In exceptional cases this can be done after the permission of the eco-team of the Festival.) In this case, a firefighter is appointed for the fire, who leaves his data and is responsible for observing the rules.) All uncoordinated fires are immediately eliminated! All fires that are unattended should be extinguished or reported to the eco-team.

Alcohol consumption!

Smoking at the Festival is allowed only in strictly designated places.

Guests and participants of the Festival (all present on the territory of the Festival during its holding) are obliged:

Always carry with you hand bracelet which giving the right to be on the territory of the Festival (These bracelets cannot be returned or exchanged), and identification documents.

Observe cleanliness and order.

To establish a camp in a specially designated place (see the map of the Festival “FourE”).

Take a shower in specially created places for this.

For natural needs, use strictly prescribed toilets.

Organize separate garbage collection according to the principle (garbage collection points are marked on the map):

  • Clean plastic – recycling container;
  • Paper – recycling container;
  • Organic residues – into compost place (Attention! Paper does not refer to organic residues);
  • Dirty waste – to the garbage collection points in the packages.

Parents who have come with children are wholly and solely responsible for their child. The children’s space is intended exclusively for master classes and classes with children.

Explain to your child in advance what he should do if lost: contact to any adult, the nearest security personnel or a representative of the organizers with a request to hold it in the headquarters of the Festival.

If your child can not speak for some reason, prepare in advance and put in a pocket of his clothes a note with the child’s name and numbers of your mobile phones;

If your child is lost, immediately contact the Headquarters of the Festival (see the map of the Festival).

Pets should be kept on a leash, and in places where a large crowd of people (in front of the stage during a concert and on training grounds) is muzzled.

In case of violation of the rules of conduct at the Festival, the Directorate of the Festival has the right to remove the offender from the site without warning and also to prohibit further stay on the territory of the Festival. In this case, fees and charges paid by the violator are not returned.

All those present on the territory of the Festival bear personal responsibility for the safety of their belongings. Be careful and do not leave valuable things unattended!

Organizers of the Festival and volunteers are obliged:

Ensure observance of the rights and legitimate interests of the guests of the Festival.

Show respect to all participants of the festival.

To inform the requested information: about the schedule of the Festival, about the bus schedule, about the masters and lecturers, about the venues, about the partners, etc. For information, contact the Headquarters of the Festival, the organizers or volunteers.

In cases of offenses, report to the Headquarters of the Festival: about aggressively-minded groups of citizens and individuals, children left unattended, etc.

The organizers of the Festival, law enforcement officers, employees of the Ministry of Emergency Situations, as well as other people involved in providing access control, public order protection (security services, private security companies, inspectors, administrators, volunteers, etc.) are responsible for monitoring compliance with the rules.



The festival provides free drinking water (see on the map)

To ensure the participants of the Festival with food, food, essential goods, souvenirs, products of artists and craftsmen, clothing, etc., a trade fair is organized on the territory of the Festival

To ensure security on the territory of the Festival:

There is a medical center for first aid.

Security organizations and representatives of the Ministry of Emergency Situations work.

Attack fire department.

Volunteers are involved.