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35 km from the city of Almaty, in Soldier Gorge in a spacious glade near the ski resort of Ak-Bulak and Horse & Polo Club. The festival has already been held on this territory in 2016 (the location of the sites will be different).

Special buses will be organized from the city center to the festival site. More detailed information about buses, schedule of dispatches and about the possibility to buy a ticket will appear at the end of June.

You can easily get there by car: the road to the festival is new – it was renovated last year for the Universiade.

Also, you can negotiate with someone who is going by his car and who has seats. A lot of people are going to the festival, and you can easily find fellow travelers – subscribe to us in social networks, meet other participants, be interested, make an arrangement.

In front of the entrance to the festival there is parking.

Guests are strictly prohibited from entering the territory by car, so as not to inconvenience travelers. Entry is only possible for the camping.

Guests can come from 10am on the 18th of August.

You can come any day and at any time convenient for you (in the morning, in the afternoon, in the evening) and stay as long as you want: at least one day, even all seven.

При первом проходе на вашей руке закрепят браслет, который позволит свободно передвигаться по площадке фестиваля, а также покидать его территорию и возвращаться на нее без дополнительной платы.

At the first pass on your arm a bracelet will be fixed, which will allow you to freely move around the site of the festival, as well as to leave its territory and return to it without additional payment.

Of course! According to the tradition of the festival, a special children’s playground with an entertainment program, animators, master classes is arranged. And for the youngest there will be a kindergarten with professional educators, where you can leave your child for some time.

At the festival, everyone, both old and young, will find something to do. There will be a lot of interesting master classes for all ages, a musical concert featuring domestic and foreign ethno performers, a fair of artisans and much, much more. You will have no time to be bored!

It is possible and approved, because our smaller brothers are an important part of our eco-policy. But at the festival a lot of people, other animals, and most importantly – children, and we must guarantee their safety. Therefore, dogs should be taken with them, wearing a muzzle, and led on a leash. If the organizers notice your pet’s aggressiveness or complaints from other participants, you will be required to remove the animal from the festival grounds.

Owners are obliged to clean the waste of life of their animals, so as not to violate the cleanliness of the sites, which is especially important in places of mass congestion. Important! On FourE will be noisy and crowded, which can become a great stress for an untrained animal, especially at night. Please make sure that your pet is ready for such a test: do not expose him and the life of the surrounding danger. We are responsible for those who have tamed.

Festival “FourE” – a holiday of intimacy with nature, seven days in the open air under the open sky. And the most logical and comfortable accommodation in this case is a tent. If you do not have your own, do not worry, there will be a rental at the festival. And if the same stay in the tent for you are unacceptable, there is the opportunity to travel home at night. Also near the festival area are hotels in which you can rent a room. Information about the hotels will appear at the end of June.

On the territory of the festival this year there will be a cool river – it is impossible to swim in it, since there is a rapid current, but you can rinse, wash. There are trees.

Take with you several sets of clothes: removable, warm at night and something that does not pity to get dirty (for holi holiday); Sunscreen, insect repellent, flashlight, first-aid kit, personal care products, earplugs; If you decide to stay for the night – sleeping bag, karemat, tent.

Dress code is not, but bright, interesting, stylish, ethnic clothes are welcome!

At the festival will be represented the cuisine of different peoples and traditions – Indian, European, vegetarian. You can all try! We oblige the kitchen not to overstate the food prices during the festival days. The price of one complex is about 1000 tg.

You can also bring food with you.

At the festival there will be separate taps with drinking water – their use is free.

The festival has a non-alcoholic and anti-tobacco policy. Persons in alcoholic intoxication will be evacuated from the territory. Smoking, we also disapprove: for smokers at the festival there will be separate zones on the outskirts of the territory, so that the smoke of cigarettes does not interfere with other guests. Violators will also be displayed.

Mobile communication in the festival site is good.

At the rest points there will be rosettes for the needs of tourists.

On the territory of the festival there will be shower cabins and a toilet (free of charge).

At the festival, bonfires can be fired in specially designated places. Special places will be marked with signs and located in the area of tent camps.

Yes, security “FourE” will provide security company and volunteers.

The festival does not provide for storage. We advise you to carry money and a phone with you, and also not to take with you valuables that are not in urgent need.

We are not responsible for lost things, but we try our best to help those who have lost something. If you lose a thing, contact the festival’s radio room.

Always on the territory of the festival there are rescue services and a medical center.

The full program of the festival will be published after July 15.

On the main stage for three evenings there will be a big concert (Friday, Saturday, Sunday). This year we invited 6 foreign music groups:

1. Atmasfera (Ukraine)

2. OneNo (Russia)

3. Illaria (Ukraine)

4. Sage (Russia)

5. Bubamara Brass Band (Russia)

6. Teodor Bastard (Russia)
The case of local teams will be published later – the list has not been approved yet.

FourE – 4 E. Ecology. Evolution. Ethnica. Emotions.

☼ Emotions – the purity of your motives, opening yourself to the world;

☼ Evolution is the development of your soul and body;

☼ Ecology – respect for nature;

☼ Ethnos – culture and traditions of ancestors.

ECO (green)

A place of harmony with nature. This is the territory of healthy and healthy food, environmentally friendly goods, and also the author’s products of artisans. Here there are lectures and master classes on how to understand nature through nature, to feel the pleasant and natural course of life processes.

EVO (purple)

Space development and transformation rights. Here, experienced masters help to achieve harmony of body and soul. They share experience of development in material and spiritual terms. They tell how to develop habits necessary for health and happiness.

EMO (pink)

Territory of bright emotions. A playground where children are opened through the game to the world, and adults are immersed in a sense of childlike joy. Strong family ties are built between the child and parents, mutual understanding and interest in joint pastime are born.

ETHNO (orange)

Collection of traditions of the peoples of the world: legends and tales, traditional costumes and other elements of history. Here is a whirlwind of dance and music. Masters of the site – ethno-musicians of Kazakhstan and the CIS countries – share the art of combining the motives of the past with modern sound.

All the festival sites and their program are compiled on the basis of these four concepts.

The cost of the ticket before July 15 is 11 000 tenge, after July 15 and on the day of the festival 14 000 tenge.

Children under 5 years old admission free of charge. From 5 to 12 years (inclusive) the entrance is 4 000 tenge. A ticket for children is purchased on the day of the festival at the entrance. A copy of the birth certificate is required.

The cost of the ticket does not depend on the number of days spent at the festival.

By purchasing a ticket, you can visit any interested events of all seventeen festival venues, listen to the concert, participate in promotions and other events, place your tent for living, use showers and toilets.

Meal is not included in the ticket price.

Tickets can be purchased at the Ticket site.www.ticketon.kz