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What is fourE

FourE Festival held in Almaty region for eight years and gathers thousands of people of different cultures and nationalities on the same platform.

The name of the festival stands for “four E” – ecology, ethnics, emotions and evolution. These four directions are able to set the right development vector for any person.

On the territory of the festival, seven themed sites operate for seven days, over 2,000 master classes take place in the following areas:

  •  sport and dance;
  •  spiritual and bodily development;
  • ecology of the world and consciousness;
  • acting and artistic skill;
  • business and self-realization.

Master classes and trainings are conducted by leading specialists of Kazakhstan, Russia and other countries. Also on the territory of the festival is the Fair of Masters, where you can buy art works of artisans, as well as participate in master classes in applied art.

There are also rope parks, trampolines, slack lines, archery areas and other games for adults.

For children, a special large playground is organized at the festival, where children’s master classes and games take place. Immediately, adults can leave the child under supervision.

At the entrance guests are treated to watermelons. One day before the stage Holi passes – a holiday that came from India, where people are showered with powder paint. .

The festival is decorated with bright fabrics with the predominance of four colors associated with the concept of the festival: green – ecology, violet – evolution, pink – emotions, orange – ethnics.

At night, you can sit and relax around a large common campfire or on a playground with chill out music. Also at this time of day actively jam sessions are held on ethnic instruments: drums, harp, didgeridoo and others.

In the evening on Friday, Saturday and Sunday at the festival there are musical concerts with the participation of soloists and music groups from Kazakhstan, Russia, Armenia, Ukraine, India and other countries. For the history of FourE on its stage were such musicians as Atmasfera, One BUT, Alizbar, Illaria, Wind All, Chronos, Parul Mishra, Sati Casanova, Bulat Gafarov, DNA of our World, Nairi Ensemble, Bubamara Brass Band, Sage, Yarick Ecuador, Syberia , Hapanasasa and other collectives.

The festival is held in the nonstop mode: at any time of the day and night there are several sites. Guests of the festival usually stay in its territory from the beginning to the end. But there is an opportunity to leave the festival without any obstacles and come back again. The pass is a bracelet fixed at the first entrance to the festival territory. Those who stay at the festival for several days break their tents at the campsite. On the FourE for guests are provided shower cabins and a toilet. For security reasons, the organizers allocate certain places to the bonfires, where guests can prepare themselves to eat from the products brought with them. For those who do not like to cook food in nature, there is a food zone. Here, for an average price, you can

Take yourself an integrated dinner, buy soft drinks. The festival prohibits the distribution of tobacco and alcohol products.

Festival FourE is created for all who value simple human values. Through educational and cultural exchange, the festival seeks to change the level of people’s consciousness, strengthen ties with peaceful traditions and a happy lifestyle.